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Solid, effective advertising is the lifeblood of a modern business. If you want your operation to grow from your garage to a multi-location empire, you need to be constantly hustling to bring in new clients and preaching about what your company offers.

But how do you succeed in a saturated online environment that’s brimming with competitors? Here is a quick breakdown of the difference between organic content and paid advertising and how they can work together for your business.

Speak Your Truth with Organic Content

Nobody knows your business or the reason you started it better than you. All business owners are driven by a passion to succeed or serve, and conveying this passion to your clients is what will bring them through the door.

Whether it’s through blogs, video tutorials, or social media posts, content is all about approaching your customers in a non-sales environment and providing them with valuable information that builds their connection to you and shows off your expertise.

More than 75% of internet users say they read blogs regularly, and that is a potential customer base that no business owner can afford to ignore.

Extending Your Reach with Digital Ads

Unfortunately, while organic content used to be all a business needed to find online customers, things have changed.

Social media platforms have geared their algorithms to prioritize paid reach over organic, and with the average user seeing more than thousands of pieces of content every time they log in, it can be easy for a company’s voice to be drowned out.

Studies show that through Google alone, paid advertising can raise awareness of a brand by 80% and that revenue for paid advertising is 50% greater than organic. This means that not only can paid advertising improve your business’s reach, it can also increase customer engagement.

By crafting a digital marketing strategy that includes the quality of organic content with the reach of digital advertising, you can engage with social media users all over the world and show them why you are the company they’re looking for.

If you’re looking to develop a top-notch marketing strategy and have access to the best content teams and advertising insights, give TRL Solutions a call today at (506) 440-8975 or visit us online and see our full suite of modern marketing services.

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