Digital Ads: Dynamic Automotive (Facebook/Instagram)

Highly targeted dynamic ads for car dealerships, driving traffic to your vehicle detail page


Dynamic Automotive ads insert viewed vehicles into targeted ads for users with shown intent to buy a new or used vehicle. When clicked on, our dynamic ads take Facebook and Instagram users to the dealer’s specific vehicle detail pages rather than defaulting to a general info or home page.

Dynamic ads place your dealership at the top of mind for potential customers, while allowing you to enter sales conversations with people who are already looking at a specific vehicle.

TRL Solutions - Dynamic Automotive Ads

What's included:

Vehicle inventory information (make, model, condition, age, VIN, and more) is updated daily and is based on data pulled directly from your website, so dynamic ads are always using the latest information to reflect the real inventory of your dealership!

Reporting is also included and offers a detailed breakdown of available vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and their current status (available or sold), along with up-to-date statistics on every click or unique click (click from a unique device). This information will give you and your New and Used Managers insight into the results of the campaign and relevant consumer behavior in their market!

• On average, people access Facebook up to 8 times per day and you can capitalize on this high level of online traffic!

Add ons:

Dynamic Automotive Ads: Call Tracking
Identify your leads, prove ROI, and get customer feedback with call tracking.

Why are Dynamic Ads better for auto than Static Ads?

Static ads, typically used for branding or an event sale only display a single image. They also typically link to the home page of your dealer website. While this can get a shopper to your site, it doesn’t necessarily get them to look at a vehicle detail page (VDP).

Dynamic ads display your dealerships actual vehicles to shoppers and clicks go directly to the VDP on your dealership website. ROI for dynamic ads is much higher than static ads, due to their targeted nature of going to shoppers in market. You are displaying an actual vehicle they are interested in, not just a generic image.

• Users spend more time browsing a page when they click on dynamic ads that lead to a specific vehicle listing (92 seconds), compared to static ads that lead to a general page (31 seconds).

• Reach people at the bottom of the sales funnel by re-targeting them with a vehicle they browsed on your website.


Is reporting on this campaign provided?

Facebook provides reporting for how your campaigns are performing on their ad network, and we also provide reporting on vehicle clicks down to the VIN level. You can even see how many clicks occurred on vehicles according to their status (current, pending, or moved).

What does the timeline look like from order submission to campaign launch?

It takes approximately 10 business days to launch the first campaign. Recurring monthly campaigns do not require any breaks or time delays.

Can this service be used for recreation vehicles, such as RVs and snowmobiles?

Unfortunately it is unable. The software is only designed to pull in VINs for traditional vehicles.