Digital Ads: Search Ads (Google & Bing)

Advertise on search engines to drive conversions to your business.

With paid search you can advertise in search engines Google and Bing to drive conversions to your business. Our team will serve your ads to potential customers exactly when they’re searching for your service or product.

TRL Solutions - Google Seaech AdsGoogle is the world’s most popular search engine and it alone processes an impressive average of 63,000 searches per second every day! A significant portion of these searches come from consumers who are ready to buy. They’re searching for things like “dealerships near me” or “restaurants open now” and you can use this information to grow your business.

• Target potential customers who are more likely to convert.
• Promote your business in search engines Google and Bing.
• Over 70% of consumers buy from a business they find online.

The benefits of paid search advertising

• You’ll have a highly engaged target audience.
• Improved ROI through targeting potential customers who are more likely to convert as they are in a search mode.
• Even when people don’t click on your ad, you’re still getting more visibility by promoting your business top of the page on search engines like Google and Bing.

What's included:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Tracking code setup & verification
  • Ad proofing
  • Creative creation (when required)
  • Campaign audit & launch

Add ons:

Google & Bing Ads: Call Tracking
Identify your leads, prove ROI, and get customer feedback with call tracking.

Google & Bing Ads: Landing Page
Increase your conversion rate by adding a landing page to your campaign.


How does my ad show up in relevant searches?

Your ad will only show up when relevant keywords are searched on Google or Bing.

What keywords are selected for the campaign?

When ordering this service, you’ll have the opportunity to specify the goal of the campaign and who we should target. We also ask for the top 10 keywords that may be related to your business. Our team will use this information to develop a successful campaign.

How is reporting delivered?

You receive detailed monthly reports in your TRL Solutions Business Center.

What does the timeline look like from order submission to campaign launch?

The campaign will be launched approximately 8-10 days after all the required assets (i.e.: copy, logos, etc) are received by our team. All recurring monthly campaigns run without breaks or pauses. You will receive screenshots of the ads created by our team in advance of the campaign launch for approval.