Digital Ads: YouTube

Reach your target audience with video ads on YouTube

YouTube is 2nd most used search engine behind Google, and one of the top providers of media in the world. Take advantage of that tremendous reach with YouTube advertising.

Our team will target ads to consumers based on specific demographics (age, gender, household income, and parental status), interests (travel, tech, beauty, and sports), searched keywords (“how to repair an iPhone”, or “top 10 beauty tips”), or even on specific Youtube channels.

The benefits of YouTube ads
YouTube is both a search engine and a social media platform, so you are able to target potential customers who are seeking information and willing to interact with brands.

Videos do not need to be professionally made to drive results. Often times a video shot with your own camera or smartphone looks even more authentic and original.

Lastly, YouTube video metrics will help identify which videos customers are watching and for how long, so we can use that information to optimize campaigns.

What’s included with campaign
• Keyword research
• Competitor research
• Tracking code setup & verification
• Ad proofing
• Creative creation (when required)
• Campaign audit & launch

YouTube Ads: Call Tracking
Identify your leads, and get customer feedback with call tracking.

YouTube Ads: Landing Page
Increase your conversion rate by adding a landing page to your campaign.


What are YouTube ads used for?

This type of campaign is great for generating interest at the top of the sales funnel. YouTube ads are perfect for developing strong brand recognition when users are searching for your client’s products and services.

Is the video creation included within this service?

No, our service doesn’t include video creation.

What's the recommended length for the video?

We recommend 15s and 30s spots. The video needs to be uploaded to your Youtube channel so that we can access the URL.

What is the difference between skippable and non-skippable in-stream ads?

Skippable: Your video ad plays before, during, or after other videos. After 5 seconds, the viewer has an option to skip the ad. Non-skippable: Your video ad is 15 seconds or shorter and plays before, during or after another video. Viewers do not have the option to skip the ad.

What are bumper ads?

Bumper ads are a short video ad format designed to allow you to reach more customers and increase awareness about your brand. Use this format when you’d like to reach viewers broadly with a short, memorable message. Your bumper video ad is 6 seconds or shorter and plays before, during, or after another video. Viewers do not have the option to skip the ad.

What are outstream ads?

Outstream ads are mobile-only video ads that play on partner websites and within apps. They begin playing with the sound off. Users need to tap the ad to unmute. Advertisers are only charged when more than half of the ad screen space is shown for two seconds or more. It’s a cost-effective format designed to increase your video reach.