Social Media Management

Boost brand awareness and generate buzz with weekly social posting!

People follow their favorite companies on social media to discover entertaining content, give feedback, and get a first look at new products/services. With your help, our Marketing Services will keep your followers engaged with regular social posts to grow your audience and build brand loyalty.

Our team will build a calendar consisting of two posts per week one month in advance of posting in order to outline the content of the posts and publish dates. When developing content, we balance marketing posts — such as specials, services or products the client offers — with interesting content found online. This service includes a page build for Facebook and Twitter.

• Help build relationships between your business and customers. Social posts can deliver important messaging that’s unique to the platform.

Where we post:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn

Posting to Google My Business or Instagram is also available as add-ons to this service.


Which social sites can we post on?

This service includes posting to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Your client will need to already have their pages set up and be able to provide us with login credentials. Instagram & GMB are also available.

Do you require Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles in order to receive this service?

Not at all! We can post to as few or as many sources as you own.

What's the best way to post for a multi-location business with multiple social media pages?

Our team can post to as many social media pages as you have, resulting in uniform messaging across many markets, since the posts will go out to all connected pages at the same time.

Can I schedule more than one month worth of posts for approval?

No, We only send one month worth of posts at a time to ensure the content is relevant.

When you have admin access to my Facebook page, will you be able to access my personal page?

No. Your personal page is completely separate and we will only be able to access the business page.

Post Examples: