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Do you own your Google My Business (GMB) listing? Do you know what your GMB listing is, what it does or why along with Google Maps it is easily your most important online asset?

In 2014 Google launched ‘Google My Business’ for business owners and those who were aware and jumped on board early have benefitted from increased online exposure, website traffic and business growth as Google has placed more importance on local results and map listings. If you haven’t claimed your own GMB listing yet, do it today – it has never been easier to sign up!
What can it do for you?
With nearly *93% of online searches taking place in Google but only *59% of local businesses utilizing their GMB page having your GMB page properly optimized will help you get more traffic and business in 2020. Think of your GMB page as your businesses storefront window, an opportunity to show potential clients why they should choose you and your service or product. Your GMB page will allow you to show up in search results and directly link your website, give consumers the ability to call your business from that search or ask for directions on Google Maps. You can add your business description, address, hours, contact info, post events, sales, products, services or news providing customers a deeper look into your business and what you can offer.
A properly optimized GMB page should be part of your 2020 digital plans as more and more importance is being placed on accurate listings and rich local content when determining who shows up in searches. A well maintained GMB also plays a very integral part in any successful local SEO strategy and with over 40% of your competitors not using this important tool now is your chance to get ahead!
If you would like help optimizing your GMB page or need assistance with any of your digital needs please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any questions on how to claim your page drop us an email at or message us on facebook.
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